We started in 2018 and now we work with worund 300 clients and manage more than 500 social media pages, mostly Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Our agency is made by more than 20 people working on your content and social growth, and each one of us is specialized in a certain task. Market research, strategy development, graphics, video production, promotion…you name it all.

With our clients we like to have a friendly relationship where we frequently update the results and make sure our strategies embrace the brand’s identity. We have a simple win-win relationship with our clients. They pay us. We bring them more followers, traffic and sales.

And all of this happens while producing amazing social content that will make your brand stand out and become more attractive!


What we do Best

We can manage any social media, but we specialize and deliver the best results on…



Two partners who started from YouTube videos, and a lighting growth to a company made by 20+ talented employees.
Our rise is simply the result of our skills and the work we deliver.

How We Work

Organizational Management
We do research, a specific plan - including goals and tasks - for each page. Then we get to work, being organized and confident and what we have to do and our goal.
Focus Energy and Resources
The wat we work - where each of us has specific tasks that are his territory - results in amazing productivty and quality. Everyone does only what he does best and was hired for.
Critical Point of View
No matter how well the growth is going or the engagement is. On a weekly basis, we analyze data about the page to see what performed best and what didn't - and how to improve. We believe that - despite the existence of general effective marketing strategies - each single page needs its ows strategy and adjustement.